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Calendar of Events for the year 2019

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Throughout the year, we will offer many different dishes involving seasonal and/or local products and produce, some directly from Mother Nature, others farmed; in addition, each month we traditionally prepare what we refer to as “True Bistro Dishes”. Chef/Partner Masato Suzuki has mastered the Culinary Art of versatility and adaptation, and honestly, you won’t find better authentic French dishes in France, especially at the value D&J offers them... So, go ahead, be tempted, do not resist, come and visit...!

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* “Le Canard rôti aux Cerises”, a half duck semi-boneless, roasted crisp, served with a sour cherries sauce (cherries from Door County), a classic revisited, this is what Bistro food is all about….


  * Sunday, July 14th... “Bastille Day” celebration, join us to give recognition to the French revolution, inspired by the American revolution, thanks to the likes of Lafayette to whom both France and America owe a lot! Blue, white and red balloons will hang from the ceiling, a special “Revolution Dinner”, raffle items, Beret throwing contest, fun and great ambience.


This year we encourage our customer to come dressed up for the occasion... Prizes will be attributed for your efforts...

Don’t miss it!

 .... Bastille Day Celebration all decorated, live music, games, ETC...Bastille Day Special Menu only available.

of course "Le Bar" and staff is looking forward to serve you

and our "Side Walk Cafe" welcomes diners as well as our "four legged friends!!!"