A "Bistro" is a small, casual and personal place, where Locals meet for a fine meal.

The Locals will come back again and again
because the price is fair, they get to know the owners and staff who dedicate their life to their passion…
no “corporate ambience here, a.
and it just feels good!
Reservations are a good idea for the weekends, just give us a call so the table is
set for you!

nom nom...

Tartelettes Alsaciennes

This recipe can be made in many ways. In Provence, it is made with just eggs; in other regions it is made with custard: and sometimes a lot of custard. It resembles a “quiche”. This is the version we like, and it’s great if you like onions!

What We Serve
  • Online Restaurant Reservations.
  • Tablet Ordering System.
  • Customer Relationship.

La Canadienne

La Périgourdine

La Fermière

Good Food in a Friendly Place