Fine Dining in an Age of Economic Woe

It can be tempting to go out for fine dining when you are in the grips of severe economic recession. Even if you enjoy cooking and are skilled at preparing delicious meals for friends and family members, it might be more convenient to hire a professional chef. You can also allocate the large budget for better quality food and higher-quality fresh produce and meat. However, sometimes it’s nice to have someone else do the cooking, cleaning, serving, and waiting for you to take over. To relieve yourself of all guilt, giving yourself freedom just to relax and enjoy a great meal, find a few fine dining restaurants that offer menu items you never-in-a-million-years would prepare at home.

Fine dining on international cuisine

We are taught how to cook from our grandmothers and mother, which helps us learn the best food preparation techniques. We rarely cross cultural or national boundaries in our daily food. The healthy desire to eat international cuisine makes it a good excuse for an evening of fine food. What are the best places to find authentic Chinese dishes that are prepared in the traditional style? Is authentic Italian cuisine available with the perfect sauces and perfectly cooked pasta? A chef who can properly broil a beef cut is rare. What about Thai, Indian and other cuisines?

You may think that “exotic”, is synonymous with fine dining. However, every country and region has its own unique dish. Is it possible to get a cheesesteak in Philadelphia or barbequed barbecue ribs in Kansas City? The best restaurants in your area will specialize in regional specialties.

What if your menu isn’t important?

For hard-working household cooks, the quality of the food is not as important as the ambience or the service. The luxury of an everyday chef is in not having to cook and serve. Fine dining can become multi-sensory if taken to the next level. Let’s not forget the view. Enjoy the view from the top of a tall building and forget about the under-prepared carrots. Enjoy a meal at any waterside restaurant and you will feel like you’re miles away from home. Choose a bistro with romance. The food will not matter.

Life is too short. Go straight to dessert.

Did you ever marvel at the beautiful and magical dessert carts at the end a good meal? When you’re done with your entree, salad, main course, and accoutrements (all accompanied by lovely wines), you can begin to see the joys of dessert. However, you may not be able imagine yourself eating any of these delicious treats. Plan your fine dining exclusively around dessert to get a change of pace. Which restaurant in your area is best known for making delicious pastries or a wonderful chocolate souffle? An evening dedicated to sweet and delicious treats will treat your palette and help you save money.